Video: create your own staking bot!

Definitely pause the video as often as you need to!

Visual Studio Code WebsiteDownload and install visual studio code.
Download Bot files here Download the staking bot and extract the files. Login or create a purestake account to obtain the API token. You can also use a different service, but I used purestake for setting up this bot.

1) Can I have more than one bot running?

Yes. Please use the minimums and maximums to distinguish qualifications.

2) What is the point of the minimums and maximums?

They are designed to add criteria and filtration. Example: you want to reward individuals who hold larger amounts of your token with a higher percentage of your token, but you don't want double-dipping. You create 2 bots. One bot is set to a maximum of 100,000 tokens, and whatever minimum lower amount you wish to use, and all individuals with fewer than that amount of tokens receive staking rewards of around 1%. Your second bot has its maximum set to a very high number, and a minimum held to 100,001, so that only individuals holding 100,001 or more tokens receive staking rewards of around 10%. You've filtered out wallet quantities by properly using the maximum and minimum ranges, so that you can reward larger holders with more token, while preventing double-dipping.

3) Can I set the minimums to zero?

You can set the minimums to zero, but there is high chance this will cause errors. The suggested parameters are to simply use low values.

4) How do I prevent the LP pools, such as Tinyman's LP pool wallet, from receiving stakes?

Add the LP pool wallet to the excluded wallets list.

5) Do you provide any support, guarantees, warranties, or anything else for the bot?

KRNHub does NOT promise to provide any guarantees, warranties, long-term or major support with the bot. But, if you run into errors, definitely report them so they can be troubleshooted.

6) Who do I contact if I'm having issues or have a feature request for the bot?

We can be reached at Please keep in mind, KRNHub is providing this bot free, with zero warranties or guarantees, and therefore can mostly only assist with troubleshooting technical errors, possibly some user errors. It cannot assist with missing funds, stolen wallets, miscalculations, or anything else related to funds or wallets.

Please fill out the below form if you'd like KRNHub to set up your staking bot for you:

KRNHub will charge 20 Algo to set it up. It will be emailed when it's ready. You must run it.

KRNHub does NOT promise to provide any guarantees, warranties, long-term or major support with the bot.

Terms and Conditions:


Staking Service: Also referred to as "this product" or "service" or "services" within these terms and conditions, which is setup by KRNHub and the process begins by submitting the staking request form located on this page.

Staking Request: Also referred to as "form" in these terms and conditions, it is the form to begin the process of setting up staking services with KRNHub, and the form is located on this page, and is subject to change without notice.

Designated Staking Wallet: The algorand wallet where ASA Creators will send their token so staking services can begin.

Rewards: The amount of token that holders will receive after staking services are initiated, which can be a static or variable amount, based upon parameters requested via the form.

You: The requesting entity, who is filling out the form on behalf of an individual, which can include yourself, or a larger entity, such as but not limited to, a company or organization, and is subject to change based on future communication with the requesting entity.

Acknowledgements, Agreements, Rights, and Understandings:

KRNHub makes no promises regarding this product's use, useability, and security.

You agree to not hold KRNHub liable for any issues that result from using this product, which includes but is not limited to, miscalculations, theft of any kind, and/or failures, and you assume all risk when utilizing this product.

You understand that KRNHub can take upwards of 24 hours, or longer, to set up a staking bot.

You understand and acknolwedge that you are in charge of the funds that exist within the designated staking wallet.

You understand that KRNHub recommends only putting into the designated staking wallet an amount that cannot greatly impact your project should issues like, but not limited to, theft occur, and KRNHub recommends to refill the wallet with low amounts, periodically, the rate of which is fully determined by you.

You understand the designated staking wallet is to be determined after this product has been requested via form, and that method of obtaining the 25 word mnemonic will be determined after a staking request has been initiated.

KRNHub reserves the right to refuse to set up staking services to anyone for any reason.